Meet the Global Gringo!

My name is Elliott. Up until recently, I lived, studied and worked in Brussels, Belgium. After spending over 12 years living the Belgian dream and being outside my native United States, my wife Nathalie and I decided to take a year off of work and travel around Southeast Asia. Maybe its a bit cliché, but an opportunity like this rarely presents itself and we both decided to give it the old college try.

My interests and hobbies include: cooking and food, listening to music and playing drums, doing crossfit and running, snowboarding, obstacle racing, following and watching ice hockey, specifically the Nashville Predators, nutrition, reading various articles on whatever subject piques my interest, and, in case you missed it, traveling.

This blog is setup to chronicle this journey and allow whoever is curious to get a glimpse into what Nathalie and I are up to throughout our journey.

Additionally to these things, I look forward to being able to write again. I've always enjoyed playing with words, and for some reason, writing has come very easily to me. One of the goals will be to wean myself off of European business-speak; which admittedly will be difficult. Bear with me if you catch me writing in a style that you'd expect in an email from your bank..its gonna take some work to break that habit.

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